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Recital Time!

It’s almost here, folks-we’ve worked so hard all year, and it’s almost time to show our family and friends how talented we all are.

Last night’s dress rehearsal for the 2 pm performance was a great success, and Thursday’s rehearsal for the 7 pm show will go just as well, I’m sure.

Just a few things to remember before you head to the auditorium on Saturday:

  • No food or drinks in the auditorium or dressing area. The last thing we need is a dancer slipping on some spilled water and getting hurt!
  • No chewing gum or visible underwear at the rehearsal or recital. One can end up being a big mess, the other just looks icky poking out of your costume.
  • Ballet dancers, remember to tuck in your shoe ties please.
  • Your hair should be pulled back or pinned out of your face. If your teacher wants it a certain way, please follow his or her guidelines.
  • No running through the school!
  • Arrive at the auditorium 30 minutes before the start of the recital-if you’re in the 2 pm show, please be there at 1:30. Dancers in the 7 pm show should arrive at 6:30.
  • Don’t park in the Wells-Fargo lot. They will tow you! Parking is available on the street and in the lot adjacent to the building.
  • Please wear a cover-up over your costume while you’re in the audience. Costumes should only be seen on stage.
  • Dancers may sit with their parents while they wait to go on stage, but should be turned over to the class mother in enough time to be lined up and backstage 3 numbers before they’re ready to go on. Please check the program to see when your child needs to be with the class mother backstage.
  • If you are receiving your 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 year trophy, please check the program to see when they will be given out, and be backstage three number before so you’ll be ready to go on and receive it.

If you’d like to get your dancer a bouquet, please remember that the companies will be selling bouquets of roses for $6, with proceeds going toward paying for costumes, supplies, etc.

Jim Guilliams will once again be selling videos of the recital. Please see Jim at the recital if you’d like to order one.

Each dancer received two complimentary tickets when the recital fee was paid. Additional tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children, and are available at the door.

Thanks to the teachers, students and parents for all their hard work-see you on Saturday, ready to dance!