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Important Dates Coming Up

Here are some important dates to remember in the next few weeks:
*Costume deposits are due now*
November 25-28: Studio is closed for Thanksgiving 
December 5: Weaverville Christmas Parade; details coming soon
December 19: Christmas Program, 10:00 am; details coming soon
December 21-January 2: Studio is closed for Christmas and New Years
January 4: Classes resume

We will be posting important updates about the parade and recital, so be sure to check back soon. 


Fall Registration Time is Here!

Hello new and returning dance families! It’s time to register for classes at Weaverville Dance Academy once again. Remember, we are your full-service dance studio near Asheville, NC, offering affordable classes for everyone from preschoolers to adults.

The smallest dancers can sign up for our Creative Movement class, where they’ll have a blast learning the basics of dance and building a strong foundation for future classes. Once they’re ready to move on, they can try their hands–or feet, we should say–at ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and more.

Think you’re too old to start something new? Nonsense! We offer adult classes as well, and our adult classes put on some of the greatest performances at our two yearly recitals.

If you’re looking for a dance studio in Weaverville or Asheville, come check us out. We’re a quick trip up 25/70 from Asheville, NC, and an easy jump onto interstate 26. We’ve been here more than 20 years, and we’d love to have your business. We’re more than just a dance studio, we’re family.

Registration is at our studio, located 76-2 Garrison Branch Road (Just off 25/70), on the following dates:

Saturday, August 15: 10:00 -1:00
Friday, August 21: 4:00 – 7:00
Saturday, August 22: 10:00 – 1:00

For more information, please call (828) 658-2522. See you there!

Recital Time!

Hello dancers and families, it’s that time again! Our big spring recital is in less than a week. Here’s everything you need to know:

Dress Rehearsal

For dancers in Act I: Dress rehearsal is Tuesday, May 26.

For dancers in Act II: Dress rehearsal is Thursday, May 28.

Rehearsal begins at 6 pm both nights; please arrive at Moore Auditorium in Mars Hill at 5:30. Dancers should be in full recital makeup, and bring their costumes so that they can change backstage in the dressing rooms. As with the recital, no chewing gum, food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium, and dancers should not have any underwear visible. Ballet shoe ties should be tucked out of the way, and dancers’ hair should be neatly pinned away from their faces. If your teacher wants your hair to be a certain way for the recital, please do it this way for the rehearsal as well.


The recital begins promptly at 6 pm, and dancers should arrive no later than 5:30. Rules for food, hair, underwear, etc. are the same as those listed above for the dress rehearsal. Please do not wear your costume in the audience before or after your performance; they are to be seen onstage only. You may wear your costume with a cover-up over it while you are in the audience. If dancers have a long wait before going onstage, they may sit with their families in the audience, but all dancers must be backstage three numbers before their appearance. Dancers who are receiving 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 year trophies, please check the program to see when they will be presented, and be backstage three numbers before you are set to receive your trophy. Parents, please be prepared to pick up your children as they come off the stage, if they might need help finding you and their seat.

Each dancer received two tickets when all tuition and the recital fee were paid. Additional tickets can be purchased at the door. Tickets are $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. Tell your friends and family to come watch you perform!

We will be selling candy and flowers at the recital; someone will be at the dress rehearsal to take pre-orders, and you may also buy them on the day of the recital without pre-ordering.

Jim Guilliams will be recording the recital and selling videos again this year. You can order them at the dress rehearsal or at the recital.

We’re excited to have such talented dancers at Weaverville Dance Academy, and can’t wait to let you show off all of the hard work you’ve done this year. See you at the recital!


Important Holiday News!

merry-christmas4It’s that time of year again, WDA friends and family: the annual Christmas party is fast approaching, along with the Weaverville Parade. Here’s what you need to know about both:

The Christmas Party is on Saturday, December 20 at 10:00 am in Moore Auditorium at Mars Hill University. Please arrive around 9:30 so your student can find his or her seat in the auditorium. They will be seated down the left side and some on the right toward the back; parents and others, please sit in the middle or in other areas where the dancers aren’t seated. Don’t worry, we’ll have someone make sure your dancer gets on stage at the right time. There are no special costumes for this performance; dancers should wear their favorite leotard and tights, or whatever the parents agreed to have them wear. This is an informal program, to help all the dancers feel comfortable on stage and to celebrate this beautiful time of year with everyone. It promises to be fun and festive, as always.

The Weaverville Christmas Parade is on Saturday, December 13 at 1:00 pm. We are number 18, and the parade starts at North Buncombe Middle. However, the parade committee asks that all students be on the float before we arrive at the school. Please meet at the large parking lot at Big Lots between 11:30 and 12:0. Look for our truck and trailer in the parking lot. We’ll load the students up there, and meet back there when the parade is over. Please dress in your favorite Christmas clothes, and be sure to dress for the weather. If it’s cold, bundle up!

A couple more important notes: If your child is going to be in the spring recital in May, please make sure you’ve paid your $25 costume deposit, which was due in November. This deposit is non-refundable, so please make sure your child is committed to being in the recital before paying. Thank you!

The studio will be closed from December 22-January 3 for the Christmas holiday. Happy holidays with love from all of us at WDA to you!


Important Recital Information

Hello, dance parents and friends! The end of the year is upon us, and that means recital time is coming and we have lots of important information to share.

First, a reminder about photos: they will be shipped directly to you this year, rather than coming to the studio for you to pick up. If you’d like to order more photos online, click here, then click on the Weaverville Dance Academy link on the left, and choose your group on the next page to view and order photos.

Now, on to important recital information.

  • Tickets to the recital are $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. Each dancer gets two free tickets when tuition and the recital fee are paid in full. Tickets can be bought in advance; sell as many as you can so our dancers can perform to a full house.
  • The recital will be held on Saturday, May 24, at Moore Auditorium at Mars Hill University. There are two shows: one at 2 pm and one at 7 pm. Please see the paper your dancer brought home or check with his or her teacher to confirm the time of your child’s performance.
  • Dress rehearsals will be held at Moore Auditorium. Dress rehearsal for the 2 pm performance will be on Tuesday, May 20 at 6 pm; for the 7 pm performance, rehearsal is Thursday, May 22 at 6 pm. Dancers in Act I should arrive around 5:30; Act II should arrive by 6:45.  Please bring your full costume and change in the dressing rooms.
  • For both dress rehearsals and performances, the following rules apply: no gum, food or drinks in the auditorium (especially on stage!); no visible underwear under your costumes; no running in the auditorium; hair should be pinned neatly out of your face, unless your teacher has instructed you to wear it a different way.
  • On recital day, all dancers should arrive thirty minutes before show time, regardless of whether you’re in Act I or II. Remember to allow plenty of time to get into costume.
  • Always wear a cover-up over your costume while you’re in the audience. Costumes should be visible only when you’re on stage.
  • Dancers may sit with their families before and after their performance. Remember all dancers must be lined up backstage with their class three numbers before their own performance.
  • No one but the dancers may be backstage, but please be ready to collect your little ones after they leave the stage. Class mothers and staff will help them line up before their performance.
  • Dancers who are receiving trophies, please look in the program to see when you’ll be getting yours. Please be backstage three numbers before.

We will be selling candy and flowers at the recital this year. Someone will be at the dress rehearsal taking pre-orders, and there will be plenty available at the recital for those who did not place a pre-order and still want to buy something special for their little dancer.

Jim Guilliams will once again be selling videos of the recital. You can place a pre-order with us at the studio, or order yours at the dress rehearsal or the recital.

Remember all recital fees and tuition must be paid in full before the recital.

Spring Recital

Our spring recital will be held May 24. Stay tuned for more details as the date draws closer, and thank you for being part of our WDA family!

Summer Classes Begin Soon

If your little dancer doesn’t want to take the summer off from classes, check out our summer schedule! All classes are on Tuesday evenings and run from July 2 through the 23rd. Three-year-olds dance from 5:00-5:30; our preschool class (for four- and five-year-olds) is from 5:30-6:15, followed by jazz and tap from 6:15-7:00 for kids age six and up. For more information, call the studio at (828) 658-2522.

Have a great summer, and we’ll see you soon!